Advisory Services


The objective of a business process is to support an organization's goals. One way to accomplish this is to identify the organization's Critical Success Factors by looking at its work processes. Increasing industry competition means that companies must continually strive to implement "best practice" solutions in each domain in order to keep pace within their marketplace and/or exploit their own natural advantages. At Fairview, we use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the extent Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are achieved in your organization/Business.


Process development is a buildup of organizational structure, work procedures & processes, internal interfaces, organizational analysis etc considering the organizations' input. Process development is a structure oriented approach that ensures that the organizations output justifies the input. Through this service we help your organization by developing and implementing organizational culture, creating and implementing vision; mission; values, and developing internal work processes.


Restructuring and reengineering is a change in how business is conducted, it represents an essential reconstruction of an enterprise strategy, structures and processes and their tuning with the new reality. Restructuring entails overall enterprise reorganizing, renewing all its enterprising functions. We offer a process of assuring sources, introducing innovation changes while creating and mutually harmonizing production, product, service organization, financial structures, so that an effective and efficient reproduction process functioning can be achieved.


This is a planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization's effectiveness and viability. It is a restructuring that is people oriented, a response to change, a complex educational strategy intended to change the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of organization so that they can better adapt to new technologies, marketing and challenges, and the dizzying rate of change itself. It is a particular kind of change process designed to bring about a particular kind of end result.


We provide counseling services, sharing business issues in a confidential, practical and effective way. We provide independent support for business owners of micro small and medium enterprises.