Fairview Consult Limited was incorporated in 2001, it is a group of multi-disciplinary professional business advisers and trainers located in Kaduna, Nigeria. The firm was born out of the founder's vision of consolidating their previous initiatives into creating a comprehensive world class, one-stop group to offer quality services to their numerous existing and future business associates or clients. Over the years, we have provided support in series of programs directly related to the development of both Human capacity and profitability across private and public sector. These interventions focus on developing the leadership, financial responsibility and good culture of workplaces to achieve sustained change in performance and productivity. We also have provided range of business and organisational development services to assist our clients align their strategic and business goals with their people and systems capabilities through the use of consulting methodologies that range from direct advice and problem solving, education and development activities to process consulting and facilitation. This is in addition to our fair recruitment methods that select the best for our client without any discrimination.


Our personalised approach to business development ensures that the identification of issues and development of solutions reflect the environment in which our clients operate, their business products and services, staff, competitor position and financial health. Our distinctive capability is that our focus is on the motivation and skills of the people in an organisation as the primary source of sustainable competitive advantage. We have a team of multi-disciplined consultants with considerable breadth of experience who take a vested interest in developing the capability of our clients. We are currently undertaking projects across Nigeria, Niger, and Togo. We are privately owned company.